We are working on big projects:

5 000 000

Traffic over


sessions per month




YouTube over


Email over


26 000

100 000



Facebook over


 80 000

We make effective campaigns with the help of:

-  creative offers,

- reaching the right target audience,

- bring traffic and experiment on it,

- converting visitors to leads,

- analyzing the funnel.


Job Openings

Event manager


• engage users to visit educational events

• prepare and organize seminars,

• prepare and organize online educational programs (courses, webinars)

• interaction with sales department on issues lead generation, present products to sales, participation in call scripts development



• at least 2 years of relevant experience

• experience in marketing management

• experience in lead generation management

• copywriting skills

• negotiating skills

• knowledge in internet marketing (PPC, email marketing, SMM)

• proactiveness, ability to work in teams and independently, problem solving, positive thinking


Are you looking for an interesting job and not afraid of challenges? Do you like to solve complex tasks and love to see results of your work in real-time?

Are you constantly learning and opened to something new?

Join our marketing team!



61002 Kharkiv  106A Sumska st.



tel. 057-719-41-13,

e-mail: job@factor.ua